cloud based training over traditional training

3 Reasons you should choose Cloud based training over Traditional Training

Training has undergone some shifting in recent years. Gone are the days of mandatory training sessions and sitting in a classroom listening to a speaker drone on and on for hours on end. Employees want to take ownership in their training opportunities. The more ownership people feel about the decisions they have to make, the more engaged they will be throughout the training process.

cloud based training for employees

How to make cloud-based training popular among employees?

Adopting cloud technology across global organizations has recently become the new economic model for delivering effective training. The 24/7 availability around the world, the obviation of travel, set-up and implementation costs, and the significant rise in employee engagement and retention rates are just some of the reasons why cloud-powered training is gaining popularity among global…

Cloud-Based Learning on the Rise

Cloud-Based Learning on the Rise [Infographic]

With advancements in technology, the e-learning world has many effective Learning Management Systems. One among them is the cloud-based learning management system. It is hosted on the Internet and can be used to deliver, manage & track, training allotted to employees.

Here is an infographic that lists what exactly is cloud based learning platform, what training challenges IT organizations face & the benefits of the cloud based learning platform.